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The 3-minute rule works for my mental well being

How My 3-Minute Hour Glass Is Helping Me Feel the Feelings. In photo happy balloons.
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Restless. I would wake up from my sleep, restless. This is my personal story and I hope by sharing this, someone out there would feel better, knowing, he or she is not alone.

The pandemic has become a roller coaster ride for my mental health. Words can’t describe the feeling, to sum it all in one word isn’t possible.

I tried everything and I still do. Meditation has helped me. The best advice given to me recently by my friend who happens to be a psychologist is, to feel the feelings.

My mind gets busy whenever I don't feel okay. My mind brings the past into the present, and my mind worries about the future. I know that it is a waste of time, both the past and the future. We can’t do anything to change the past, and the future is unknown, all that we have is the present. …

Lessons I want to share with all Medium writers

Finally, I Got Curated on Medium. In photo, woman with hands on her eyes.
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I have been back to writing this year. Like everyone else, writing helps me deal with the pandemic. At first, it is out of boredom. But the more I write, the more I am in touch with my thoughts and feelings. I was also surprised that I got paid by Medium, from an article I published years ago.

A publication took notice and asked me to submit articles. Writers need an affirmation that they are doing something good, and having someone believe in you is one of them. Thank you, Esat Artug.

My articles vary in scope. My writing journey is just beginning. I write mostly by sharing the things I know and the things I read about. …

But it works for me, my Oprah Aha moment

Tips to Write Better. Little boy laughing while reading
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Hey, I am new here. I have found that writing for me is therapeutic. But I won’t lie to you and tell you I am also here to earn.

I love the vibe here, especially with the writers. The successful writers here share, their tips to write better, their writing tips for beginners, and their writing advice.

I dont think I am qualified (yet) to say I am a successful writer, but success is relative. I was able to be curated in a topic that I wrote about because it was dear to my heart. …

Bruce Wilkinson's The Prayer of Jabez sold 9 million copies

The Prayer That Became America’s Bestselling Book. Man in prayer
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We have yet to see the tail end of the pandemic this year. Millions have turn into prayer as a way to cope with what is happening in our world today, including myself.

I am one with you, that while I don’t consider myself religious, I have become more spiritual this year. When life overwhelms me, I turn into prayer. I recently added to my prayer, that everything will be, Ad majórem Dei glóriam,”, or “For the Greater Glory of God”.

Ad majórem Dei glóriam

The Prayer of Jabez: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life

I have this book since 2001, and I have forgotten about it, until a few months into the pandemic, let me share the verses from which the book got its title. …

A question my inner critic asks

Will I Be a More Successful Writer if I Was White? In photo, different paint color
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I have been writing a lot lately, for me it is therapy. I want to come out, that I also happen to be a non-white person living in the Philippines. I am a Filipino who happens to write, or should I say, a Filipino writer.

English isn’t my first language but having been born from a different generation, I grew up with it. I learned it in school and at home. English is my second language. I’ve always read American authors. I watched American movies and even as I write this today, I am listening to American music.

I have always written letters in English. English was not only taught in school, but it was spoken at home. It was second nature to know the language, as our education system is one of the things America left us with after WW2. …

№.3 Bury your social media apps on your smartphone’s third screen

3 Things You Can Do Now to Stop Your Smartphone Addiction. Young man on his smartphone.
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If someone tells you, you have a smartphone addiction, you would likely laugh it off while looking at your smartphone screen.

The problem is like any addiction, you are likely to deny it. Smartphone addiction, unlike the bad stuff you associate with addiction like drugs, alcohol, and sex is all about behavioral addiction.

“You see the same release of dopamine, which is a chemical in the brain that makes us feel good.” — Adam Alter

When Steve Jobs, introduced the first iPhone in 2007, it was all about it being a cool phone. …

2021 Caregiving diaries.

January 3 — Day1. Today with (Mom) Nanay. I have to share because I want to remember.

It was during the pandemic when I truly understood the ‘why’. It has been seven years, and Nanay saved the best lesson for last.

I have no problem saying I love you (Dad) Tatay and(Mom) Nanay because I do. The lesson on unconditional love is when it is difficult to show your love, and there are many reasons why. Parent and child relationship is as complicated as any relationship.

After today’s caregiving, I realized how beautiful the word “caregiver” is: one who cares, one who gives. …

American Historian Heather Richardson earns $1,000,000 from her Substack subscribers by influencing how Americans think about politics.

How to Make Money as a Writer
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If you are thinking of buying a course on making money on Substack, hold your horses, and my advice is not to buy.

You are falling for some shiny object. May you find my story on how an American historian is winning on Substack, and like her, we can follow her lead and make money online with our own newsletter.

When Forbes released their year-end report on who made the most money on Youtube, and that the top earner is a 9-year-old child vlogger, Ryan Kaji, the young content creator still tops the list, the same as it was in 2019. …

Our decision to live in love or fear starts as the clock strikes at midnight.

Sliding Doors — Welcome 2021
Photo by Aaron Ledesma on Unsplash

Sliding Doors the same title as the movie that stars Gwyneth Paltrow as Helen Quilley. The movie starts with Helen missing the train, and the film rewinds where she didn't. The movie explores the possibility of a different world for Helen that made it to the train and to the one that missed the train.

How many times have we missed the train?

When I was a cruise photographer and in Rome, I almost missed the train on my way back to the ship. It happened elsewhere, in New York, and even at home.

Most of the time, it doesn’t matter, and sometimes it does. …

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